Who Swings in Boston

We must give credit where credit is due. This page although created to stop the mass emails that read "are you (fill in the blank) the one I danced with last night at (again, fill in the blank)?" was inspired by Yehoodi.com, perhaps the best resource for Lindy dancing in NYC.

We go to Yehoodi before we go to New York.

"Who Swings in Boston" gives you the opportunity to find out the name of the guy you had a great dance with last night, the girl you're going to ask to dance tomorow or who's passed out in your bed right now (too many martinis)!!

To get yourself listed here just send an email with your name, picture (150x168 pixels), email address and catch phrase/statement of purpose/useless fact /odd rambling to Big Daddy or James.

Spread the word.