The Upstairs Lounge
Martini Menu
The most extensive list in the City!

Try our House Specialty:
Atomic Martini
Vodka & Blue Curacao; garnished with a cherry

Our cocktail list includes:

Black Dog Rum & vermouth; garnished with a black olive
Buca-Tini Vodka & Sambuca
Citrus Martini Absolute Citron, Grand Marnier, lime juice; lemon twist
Cosmopolitan Vodka, triple sec, lime & cranberry juice; lime garnish
Dean Martini Gin & vodka; garnished with an olive
Dirty Sicilian Gin, vermouth, olive brine; garnished with an olive
Fuzzy Martini Vanilla Stoli & peach schnapps; garnished with a cherry
Gibson Gin, vermouth; garnished with 3 cocktail onions
Gimlet Gin & lime juice; lime garnish
Golden Martini Gin & Goldschlager
Green Martini Gin & green Creme de Menthe
Hepcat Martini Strawberry Stoli, dry & sweet vermouth, dash of Cointreau
Honeydew Martini Vodka, midouri, triple sec; garnished with a twist of lemon
Irish Martini Vodka, Irish whiskey, dry vermouth; lemon twist
Lemon Drop Absolute Citron, lime juice, lemon twist
Manhattan Whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry
Melon Martini Vodka & Midori
Metropolitan Absolute Kurant, lime juice, lemon twist
Opal Martini Gin, triple sec, orange juice
Palm Beach Gin, sweet vermouth, grapefruit juice
Park Avenue Gin, sweet vermouth, pineapple juice
Peppermint Martini Gin & Rumplemintz
Perfect Martini Gin, dry vermouth, garnish with olives
Pretty Martini Vodka, Grand Marnier, amaretto, dry vermouth
Raspberry Martini Vodka, Chambord, cherry garnish
Sweet Martini Gin, sweet vermouth, cherry
Silver Streak Gin & Jagermeister
Summer Breeze Absolute Citron, midori, dry vermouth, sour mix; cherry
Traditional Martini Gin, dry vermouth; olive garnish



















*Ask your bartendar about the Big Daddy martini (available only on Thursdays!)

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